Listing your rental property

List your property on multiple rental portals in one go.

Prepare and publish your property in up to 6 real estate sites in one go, including and Domain.

Running inspections

Easily run your own inspections.

Use Rentdesk's tools to help you track and engage your prospects.

Selecting your tenant

Manage and accept rental applications.

AI recommendations to help you decide if a renter is right for you.

Once you've selected a tenant, you can onboard your tenant using Rentdesk.

Doing your condition report

Designed for your phone, use Rentdesk's condition report app to conduct your in-going and out-going property inspection, take photos and download the report in PDF.

Owners and tenants have access to Rentdesk's condition report app to help with filling out condition report.

Manage your rental online

Don't spend time logging into your bank account to check if rent has come through. View your tenant ledger and year end reports online at any time through the Rentdesk portal.

It's easy for tenants to setup to pay their rent, meaning more rent is paid on time.

Timely reminders are provided to tenants to alert them of arrears.

Understand tenant challenges and help them get back on track.

Day to day maintenance

Happy tenants and great maintenance means better tenancies now and in the future.

Tenants can quickly and easily log requests using our online system, 24 hours a day.

Access tradesperson from Rentdesk's partner network, ensuring you receive high-quality service.

Ending your tenancy

Ensuring a smooth transition so that the property is ready for the next tenant.

Access market intelligence about the property market.

Review your property's rental price and renew your lease based on market insights. 


Combining streamlined processes and technology with professional expertise, you're in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need extra help?

You can ask our experts for advice at any time.

Can I sign up at any stage?

Yes, you can start using our service whether you are looking to list your property or have an existing tenancy.

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