There are many strategies for finding a tenant. But when you think about where you would go to find a property for rent, the first places you think of to look are websites like and Domain.

That’s why, listing on one of these portals is what most owners do to showcase their property and find a tenant.

However, if you have ever tried to go on these portals to list a property… it’s not obvious how.

Should I list on and Domain?

If it’s so hard to list on these websites, should I even bother?

There is no doubt that and Domain are the top websites for property listings in Australia.

Let’s take a look at the stats.

According to SimilarWeb, led with over 39 million visits and Domain came second received over 16 million visits over the past year ending May 2020. has more than double the traffic of Domain, but when you compare Domain with, the third most popular property listing portal in Australia, it has more than 8 times the traffic.

WebsiteTraffic for year ending
May 2020
Source: SimilarWeb accessed 26/06/2020

For the mass market, the other listing portals simply pale in comparison.

In terms of getting the word out about your rental property, listing on and Domain is the most reliable way to ensure you reach a large and broad audience.

Comparing listing types

Not all listings are created the same. Both and Domain have various types of listings and listing upgrades which gives your listing a varying degree of visibility. listing types

StandardMost basic listing
Gets placed behind all other listings in the search results, sometimes on the 2nd page or beyond
FeatureImproved search engine listings
Interactive photo carousel highlights the best features
HighlightAppear ahead of Feature and Standard listings
Images are double the size of a Feature listing
Listing rotation to the top of Highlight results after 30 days
PremiereHighest search engine listings
Interactive photo carousel highlights the best features
Listing rotation to the top of Feature results after 30 days

Examples of highlight and feature listings

A Hightlight Listing is about double the height of a Feature Listing

Domain listing types

BrandedSimilar to the standard listing
Gets placed behind all other listings in the search results, sometimes on the 2nd page or beyond
SilverImproved search engine listings
Larger listing card
GoldImproved search engine listings
Larger listing card
PlatinumHighest search engine listings
Larger listing card
Weekly refresh

Can I list directly with and Domain?

Okay, so you want to go ahead and list with these websites?

However, it might not be as simple as it seems. These websites are largely targeted towards real estate agents who have negotiated contracts with them.

In fact, does not let general users list directly with them at all, only licensed real estate agents can establish an account with them to list properties.

This is a real challenge for self managing property owners who want to have some visibility on the top Australian property listing website.

Domain, on the other hand, allows non account users to place a listing. However, if you don’t have an account, the cost is $387.20 to list your property for 4 weeks. That’s a fair chunk of change.

Is there a better way?

Rentdesk lets you list on both and Domain for a one-off cost of $199.

Through Rentdesk’s rental management platform, you can submit your rental property details to be reviewed and published on and Domain as well as 4 free-to-list property portals.

The $199 fee includes the highlight upgrade on Statistics show that on average the Highlight upgrade helps you find a tenant faster. For most investment properties, this pays for itself easily. That’s why it’s automatically included.

Depending on how much visibility you require, Rentdesk also offers an upgrade for Domain’s Gold listing for an extra $83.50.

Now you’re ready to proceed

When creating a listing for your property, there are a number of things to consider and include in your listing:

  • Rent amount
  • Property description and details
  • Photos
  • Inspection times

Rent amount

One of the first things people see when looking at properties through and Domain is the rent amount. It is also one of the main filters people use to narrow down their searches. So, it is important to think carefully about the rent amount you want to display on the listing.

Some things to consider when determining your rent amount:

  • Average rent price in your suburb
  • Rent prices for similar properties to yours
  • Current rental market
  • Condition of your property

Remember to adjust your rental price to fit the current market and rental demand.

Property description

Next, think about the property description and details.

First, you need to write a captivating heading. It should tell people the most important information – things they would want to know. For example, include things such as if it has any water views, proximity to transport/schools/shops and the number of bedrooms. Write a heading that will attract a large number of people to reduce the time it takes to rent out your property.

Next, write a description to give more information to prospective tenants. We recommend writing 4-6 sentences to give enough detail for people to understand your property and its features.

  • Number of bedrooms/bathrooms/car parking
  • Property features such as air conditioning, built in wardrobes, storage space, laundry
  • If the property is pet-friendly
  • If it has been recently renovated
  • When will the property be available
  • How long the lease is for
  • Proximity to transport, shops, schools and other amenities
  • Your contact details
  • How to apply


Apart from rent amount, prospective tenants are most interested in photos of your property. People spend a lot of time looking at photos of the property to help determine whether or not they would take the time to attend the property inspection.

Having good quality photos will help you rent out your property faster and at a higher price.

We recommend having at least one photo of each area so people have a good idea of the space. Ensure that your photos have these qualities:

  • Good lighting – a well lit space will highlight your space
  • Tidy spaces – spaces that look clean and usable will attract more viewers
  • Positioning of furniture and props – showcase how the rooms can be used to help viewers imagine how they might be able to use the space

Inspection times

Another thing to include in your listing is inspection times. Set out one or two times per week for prospective tenants to come and view your property. Generally, one viewing is done during the evening of a weekday while another is on the weekend (usually Saturday).

Pick a time where the property looks its best. For example, if the property has natural light coming through in the mornings, hold your inspection during those hours.

Keep in mind, not everyone can make the times you have set out in your listing. If you are able to be flexible, hold additional inspection times for people who may not be able to attend. This can increase the opportunity for you to rent out your property.

What happens after the listing goes live?

Once the listing is published on your chosen websites, you should start preparing for your open house inspections and answer any enquiries you have from interested parties.